Dear Hofstetter Families,

School will be back in session in one short week.  Hofstetter is ready and looking forward to another year of tremendous student learning growth.  Enclosed, you will find a daily schedule.

Hofstetter’s morning drop-off will remain the same.  Doors open at 7:45 am.  All drop-off students will enter the school through the front doors.  Staff will be posted on the sidewalk to welcome and assist students as they get out of their vehicles.  For the safety of our students, please wait in the drop-off line to release your student to an adult on the sidewalk.  Do not let your student out in the parking lot to walk across traffic into the building.  Our littles can be difficult for drivers to see.  Bussers will enter the building through the north hallway doors.  There will not be temperature checks or attestation cards; however, all who enter the building will need to wear masks.  All students will go to the gym until they are released at 7:55 to go to classrooms.  Once again, breakfast and lunch are free to all students who choose to eat at school.

Afternoon pick-up will look a bit different this year due to the changes on 7th Street.  Although the road is narrower, there is still room to park on 7th, but it requires drivers to drive up over the concrete curb and onto a gravel parking area.  If you choose to do 7th Street pick-up, you must make sure your entire vehicle is up on the gravel parking area, otherwise buses and other vehicles cannot pass.  If you are interested in 7th Street pick-up, you must contact the Hofstetter office to make arrangements.  We will not send students home any other way than how parents/guardians have directed us.

Most Hofstetter students being picked up utilize the 6th Street line-up.   Please line-up along the right side of 6th Street to wait in line.  Hofstetter staff is very organized and moves afternoon pick-up along quickly.  When it is your turn to pick-up your child, staff will assist your student with getting into your vehicle, so there is no need for you to exit your vehicle.  Please work with your child to independently buckle-up as this helps speed the process.  For safety, there will be no walk-up pick-ups.

If your student rides a bus, please contact the bus garage at (509) 684-5152 to verify bus number, bus pick-up/drop-off times and bus stop.  The school cannot do this for you.  We do not set the bus schedules or routes; First Student handles all bussing.

Please call the office with any questions you might have.  (509) 684-7690

See you soon!

Hofstetter Staff